Signs of Termite Damage

Termites are a caste driven species of insect that like to feed on dead plant materials such as leaf piles, animal dung, saturated soil, and unfortunately wood. We say “unfortunately” because wood is the most common form of structural support for homes and small commercial properties. If left unchecked, infestations can occur where colonies of termites move in and destroy valuable real estate.

The good news about termite infestations is that they can be thwarted if detected early enough. There are distinct patterns and evidence of harm that termites leave in their wake. Signs of termite damage can be divided into two main categories: biological and structural.

Here are some of the most common signs of termite damage:


These are obvious signs of existing damage.

Listen for Sounds of Damage and Infestation – Because termites prefer dark and humid environments they do not typically thrive in places that would be openly visible to the naked eye. To find termites, the easiest method is to use a screw driver or hammer and softly tap on supporting wooden structures. If it has been damaged they wood will have a hollow sound to it.

Look for Cracked or Bubbling Paint on Wooden Surfaces – Termites devour their food by eating their away along the grains of the wood. This leaves a distinct honeycomb pattern of damage. By removing a small piece of the paint exterior, you can find these patterns if they exist.


These are signs of an infestation which can lead to damage or could be a good indicator that damage already exists.

Discarded Wings – Mature termites venture out of their nests in swarms to create new colonies. These “swarmers” will shed their wings that will form piles along the foundation of a home or inside window sills.

Frass – Termites produce wood-colored dung (called frass) as they eat their way through infested wood.

Mud Tubes – Termites build mud tubes which serve as bridges between colonies. Where these tubes are present, an infestation most certainly exists.

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