Don’t Let Wildlife Make Their Home With You

Although we may love the outdoors, sometimes wildlife gets a little too close to our home for comfort. Not only can nuisance wildlife cause problems to your home, they can also present potential health hazards as well.

If you have heard scratching or other loud noises in the middle of the night or you’ve seen evidence of squirrels, raccoons or birds, it may be time to talk with the experts.

We can conduct a free inspection of your property to identify affected areas and points of entry as well as breeding areas and nests. Our team can safely trap and remove any unwanted wildlife from your property.

We will not only remove them, but also clean up inhabited areas and repair any damage and exclude any entry points to help ensure the wildlife cannot return.

Did you know that raccoons can get into your attic, chimney, or even harass your dog or cat? If you happen to have a rabid raccoon or one with distemper, the health of your loved ones or pets may also be at risk.

Sometimes, the first sign you truly know you have an invader is when it dies. You may suddenly get a terrible odor in or outside the house or swarms of flies. This may mean you have a deceased pest and want to have it removed so it doesn’t cause more issues.

Make sure squirrels and mice do not make a home in your attic or that raccoons do not break into your trash, leaving you a mess every morning to clean up.

Help protect your family’s home and health! Call ASAP Pest Control today to have the experts come out to your home and evaluate the problem.

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