Signs You May Have A Mice Problem

Mice… just the mention makes many people squirm or jump. Not only can mice be a nuisance, they can carry diseases with them and in turn cause serious health issues for you and your family. It is imperative to deal with any suspected rodent issues as soon as it is discovered. They reproduce quickly and can quickly escalate to a very large problem.

Mice can bring diseases that can cause problems for people, especially for young children, pregnant women, and people with compromised immune systems. Diseases like salmonella can be transmitted through mouse feces in food. Bacteria from the feces spreads to the food supply and cause serious illness. Ringworm and tapeworm can also be transmitted from mice to humans. In order to prevent these illnesses, it is important to be vigilant in identifying mouse problems.

Often one of the first signs you may have mice is finding mouse droppings. They are small, long brown or black pellets and can pile up quickly. Mice may also leave signs of chew marks from gnawing.

If you suspect you have a mice infestation, don’t waste any time. Call the St. Charles mice exterminator experts today. An experienced exterminator will come to your home and search for nests or food sources that may be attracting mice.

A mouse exterminator will work to find these nests, destroy them, and lay traps to catch these mice and remove them from a home.

All Seasons, All Pests has been a trusted source for mouse removal all across St. Louis and St. Charles. We will work to find any nests that may be in your home or business, work to find entry points, and make sure that everything possible is done to humanely remove mice from the home.

We will follow up to make sure that entry points have been sealed off, that no new nests have been built, and that your home or business is being adequately protected from mice. To schedule your free inspection, contact All Seasons, All Pests today.


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