Keeping Mice at Bay as the Cold Sets in

The temperatures are dropping and humans aren’t the only ones feeling the chill.  The furry creatures in our urban settings are looking for a nice warm place to settle down for the winter.  Unfortunately, this often means entering your house and making themselves at home building nests, eating our food, and leaving their trails around your home.  Most people notice the trails of their droppings and the chewed through corners of food stuffs, you may even be startled when you flip in the light for a midnight snack and see one scurry away.  Do not fear though, there are proactive steps to take to mitigate these tiny winter freeloaders.

Clean, Clean, Clean!

The first step is to keep your home clean, especially of crumbs and food debris.  Clean between appliances and counters, immediately sweep up any spills, or consider glass or plastic containers for dry goods in your pantry. Limit the food supply for pests and they will seek a more hospitable environment outside your home.

Limit Entry Points

Inspect your home often during the winter.  You would be surprised about how many tiny entry points you have in your home.  Periodically inspect your home for holes, cracks, or other openings that mice and rodents may enter without being noticed.  Be sure to completely seal these entry points before the cold sets in and the mice will find an easier place to bed down for the winter.

Deter Entry

Reducing livable habitat around your home will deter mice and rodents from spending too much time searching for a way in.  Trim bushes and hedges, rake leaves, and ensure the area around your foundation is clear from debris.  Some people claim that using a boundary around your home of peppermint oil or kitty litter deter mice from approaching the home.

Getting rid of an existing problem…

Your local hardware store has a myriad of do it yourself options to get rid of mice.  From lethal and non-lethal snap traps, glue traps, and poisons but these can be messy, ineffective, and, if you’re on the squeamish side, a little gut wrenching to maintain.  If these solutions have been ineffective, inconvenient, or the problem is just too overwhelming, call our experts at All Season, All Pests. After our free inspection, we will explain exactly how we can help. If you are not completely satisfied after our treatment, we will come back for another round or refund your money no questions asked. To schedule your free inspection with a free St. Louis Exterminator Company, contact All Seasons, All Pests right away.

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