St. Louis 16th Out of 20 Worst Cities for Bed Bugs

In a report released in August of 2017, St. Louis ranked 16th out of 20 for cities with bed bug infestations.  Bed bugs are small, oval, brown, parasitic insects from the cimicid family.  They feed only on the blood of humans and animals.  They are unable to fly but can move quickly and are hard to spot due to their small size and nocturnal activities.  Often, a home owner will see the discarded remnants from molting as these bugs grow from egg to adult.  Female bed bugs can lay hundreds of eggs over their lifetime.  Bed bugs will attach themselves, at night, to their hosts to feed. Bed bug bites are painless but will often turn into itchy, raised, red bumps that are often confused with mosquito or flea bites.

Bed bugs can enter your home in many different ways.  Their small, flat bodies allow them to hide in clothing, used furniture, sheets and bedding, or luggage.  Bed bugs do not have a centralized nest but hide in groups only being noticed by their husks and remains.  Once inside a home, bed bugs can spread quickly to other rooms and areas of the home.  As populations become denser in residential areas, bed bug populations are on the rise.  The good news about these pests is they do not spread disease and are a nuisance rather than a danger to humans.

Tips to protect your home from bed bugs…

  • Wash and dry all infested materials on the highest washer and dryer setting.
  • Seal all cracks and potential hiding and entry points inside and outside of your home.
  • Thoroughly vacuum your mattress, curtains, and carpets. When you are finished place the vacuum bag in a sealed plastic bag and immediately discard the bag outside of your home.
  • Remove clutter from your home, especially around your bed.
  • If you are buying used furniture, clothing, or bedding be sure to inspect closely to ensure the items are free from infestation.
  • Never bring furniture from the curb or outdoors.

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