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Options for St. Louis Mosquito Control

Mosquitos are more than just a nuisance in the summer, they can actually spread disease and make someone ill. With the Zika virus in the news, that’s become especially important. There are certain steps a person can take to keep their yard mostly free of these unwanted pests. By working with a mosquito control company, […]

How do I Get Rid of Cockroaches?

Perhaps the most frustrating pest infestation a homeowner can deal with is a roach infestation. These unwanted creatures cause revulsion to many people and are extremely difficult to get rid of. By working with an experienced St. Louis roach exterminator, you can do everything possible to get rid of these difficult to kill pests and […]

Treatments for Termite Infestations

Now that spring is approaching, it may be time to consider termite treatments for your home or yard. Even if you haven’t observed damage, being proactive in your treatment can prevent serious damage to decks, siding, and other areas where termites congregate. As the old saying says, “A stich in time saves nine.” By having […]