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St. Louis Raccoons

More and more St. Louis residents are reporting sightings of Raccoons showing signs of distemper, which has potential harmful situations for the city’s residents, particularly pet owners.  Distemper is a saliva based disease that causes, coughing, diarrhea, vomiting, tremors, seizures, or chewing fits, often accompanied by discharge from the eyes, nose, and mouth.  While there is little […]

St. Louis 16th Out of 20 Worst Cities for Bed Bugs

In a report released in August of 2017, St. Louis ranked 16th out of 20 for cities with bed bug infestations.  Bed bugs are small, oval, brown, parasitic insects from the cimicid family.  They feed only on the blood of humans and animals.  They are unable to fly but can move quickly and are hard […]

Keeping Mice at Bay as the Cold Sets in

The temperatures are dropping and humans aren’t the only ones feeling the chill.  The furry creatures in our urban settings are looking for a nice warm place to settle down for the winter.  Unfortunately, this often means entering your house and making themselves at home building nests, eating our food, and leaving their trails around […]

Did Ant Population Grow After Treatment?

Although people deal with all types of pests, ant infestations seem to take the cake in terms of frustrating and annoying. Initially after we treat for the present ant population, activity may seem to increase and be new in areas that didn’t seem to have ant problems. The true effect of treatments takes time though. […]

The Music Of Cicadas

A mid-summer night in Missouri isn’t complete without the chorus of the cicadas. However, many people know very little about these bugs. For starters, did you know they are not all the same? Cicadas are either annual or emerge in a 13 or 17-year cycle. According to the Missouri Department of Conservation, annual cicadas have […]