Acrobat Ants


Worker acrobat ants are 1/16 to 1/8 inch long. Their bodies are made of 2 segmented pedicel and a pair of spines on their thorax. Acrobat Ants have a heart shaped abdomen that often gets raised in the air if they are disturbed. If you find these ants in your home, you need the help of an experienced St. Louis Ant Exteriminator right away.


Acrobat ants feed on a wide variety of foods and are especially attracted to honeydew. Workers travel in trails and readily enter structures. They often tunnel and nest in areas like wood, under stones, or stumps, much like carpenter ants. Moisture issues inside walls, behind exterior trim around doors and windows, weep holes is also attractive to these ants.  Since they are often misidentified as carpenter ants, it is important to hire a St. Louis Ant Exterminator who will properly identify acrobat ants. Local St. Louis Pest Control Companies see these on a regular basis.

Damage and Signs of Infestation:

Often the only exterior indication of damage is the accumulation of debris expelled by these ants, especially if the debris is Styrofoam insulation. They can also strip insulation from wires, causing a short in telephone or electrical wires.


Inspection is the key to successful control and the inspections methods are similar to carpenter ants. When workers are found indoors, the first place to look is the structure’s exterior — look for trailing ants on the foundation.  Nests located in a wood member need to be drilled and treated with a dust or aerosol product. Bait can be placed out for the foraging ants also. A full perimeter liquid treatment around all areas, wood piles, stumps, windows, doors, foundation, cracks & crevices is generally recommended. Oftentimes, treatment needs to be performed on a regular schedule to prevent /solve an infestation.

If you face an acrobat ant infestation, or any ant infestation, the experienced St. Louis Ant Exterminators at All Seasons, All Pests can help. To schedule your free inspection, contact us right away.