Boxwelder Bugs


½ inch  long with a dark brown or black coloration, relieved by red wing veins and markings on the abdomen. These markings and communing called a red x on its back.


In the fall one of the common occasion invaders are Boxelder Bugs. Know to form large aggregations while sunning themselves in areas near rocks, shrubs, trees, and man-made structures. This is especially a problem during the cooler months, when they sometimes invade houses and other man-made structures seeking warmth or a place to spend the winter.


To stop box elder bugs from multiplying, it is often helpful to remove their host trees from the area surrounding your home, but the adults can still fly from locations off the property. If you choose to plant box elder trees in your yard, choose male trees since female box elder trees are more susceptible to infestation. These insects can also enter through windows and doors, ensure that these close properly and utilize screen doors to keep box elder bugs from entering. Make sure that all siding is secured and fascia / soffit is attached. These insects on need less than a ¼ inch to call the structure home.


Inspection of the home or businesses foliage is the first step. Adults will fly from these locations and will key on the sunny parts for a quick warm up. Perimeter applications in the fall is the best approach for control in the St. Louis area. Resduial pesticide in along cracks and crevices,  thresholds, eaves, soffit. If they get into the attic these pests can show up anywhere inside your home. If you face Boxelder’s infestation, the experienced St. Louis Pest Exterminators at All Seasons, All Pests can help. To schedule your free inspection, contact us right away.