Camel Crickets

Camel Cricket (Diestrammena asynamora) isolated on white background.


Camel crickets are lso known as cave crickets and “sprickets”, Spider crickets – have long hind legs and an arched back.  They range in size from ½ to 1 ½ inches in length as adults and do not have wings.  Typically they are light tan to dark brown in color and their antennas are longer than their bodies.


These crickets tend to live in cool and damp environments such as garages and basements.  They are scavengers and may actually provide an important service in basements and garages, eating the dead stuff that accumulates there.   They may also be found in stacks of firewood and under stones or logs or anywhere that has moisture.  Unlike most crickets, the camel crickets do not chirp.  They are mostly just a nuisance pest.


There are several things that can be done to control these crickets.  Seal all gaps or openings around the home to eliminate their access to get inside.  Keep boxes and other items off of the ground and away from the walls in garages and other storage areas.  Eliminate areas that may attract them such as piles of lumber or clutter under desks.  Do not stack firewood against the house.  Along with pesticides and insecticides, sticky boards may also be used to catch these crickets.  All Seasons All pests will do a free inspection to evaluate the infestation and recommend treatment.

If you face a camel cricket infestation, or any ant infestation, the experienced St. Louis Pest Control Experts at All Seasons, All Pests can help. To schedule your free inspection, contact us right away.