Carpenter Bees

Carpenter bee Xylocopa pubescens on white background


Carpenter bees are ½ to 1 inch long. Carpenter bees get their name from boring into the wood to make galleries for rearing of young. People can confuse them with a bumble bee common in St Louis.


Carpenter bees are not a social insect nor do they live in the galleries they make. They will spend winter in old nest galleries or nest tunnels. In spring the survivors emerge and feed on nectar. Mating begins and the nest sites are established in decks boards or weathered and unpainted woods. They drill a perfect 3/8 inch hole into the wood along the grain of the wood. They will hover over wood areas giving themselves away. In the event that you encounter a large bee hanging around as you are outside sitting on your deck, you can bet that the carpenter has a gallery started. St. Louis Bee Exterminators can help get rid of these galleries and get rid of these bees.


Because carpenter bees drill a hole in wood to lay their eggs and return year after year, if let untreated they can cause significant damage to decks, wooden stairs, roof rafters, fascia boards, wood siding, playsets, and wooden fences.


Surface treatment to the wood with a microencapsulated pesticide with a dust product inside the galleries is what we at All Seasons, All Pests have found works the best for carpenter bee problems. We can provide a service to fill in the holes in 30-90 days after the initial service treatment.

If you face a carpenter bee infestation, or any bee infestation, the experienced St. Louis Bee Exterminators at All Seasons, All Pests can help. To schedule your free inspection, contact us right away.