Yellow Jackets  Yellow Jacket


Yellowjackets are bee-sized social wasps that build paper nests, usually underground. They usually have beelike black and yellow bands on their abdomens, but unlike honeybees, they are not hairy, nor do they collect pollen.

Stinging insects can be a scary experience for clients! Especially for the ones that have an allergic reaction. Yellow Jackets are a common wasp that invades yards, home and very common paths for humans. This wasp will attack at a moment’s notice if the scouts on the outside of the nest feel threated. Hundreds of yellow jackets will swarm and sting you. Vibrations from lawn mowers, weed eaters, digging and sometimes stepping close the nest is enough to set off a frenzy. The best way to prevent unpleasant encounters with social wasps is to avoid them. If you know where they are, try not to go near their nesting places. They become very defensive when their nest is disturbed. Be on the lookout for nests when outdoors. Yellow Jackets that are flying directly in and out of a single location are probably flying to and from their nest.


It is strongly adviced to not try to control these wasps.  They can be extremely dangerous and can cause severe pain from stings and even death.  These are extremely aggressive wasps that will protect their nest. Have an experienced St. Louis Pest Control company like ASAP remove these wasps from your home or business. We can provide safe treatments & removal. Call us for a Free estimate for Yellow Jackets.