Make Sure Box Elder Bugs Don’t Get Too Comfortable

Box elder bugs may creep up on you. They may seem like not much to think about, but can easily make your home their resting place. This bug, also known as the maple bug, feeds on low vegetation on the ground during early spring and summer. However, mid-July they move to trees. Most of the time, they prefer box elder and maple trees, but sometimes make feed on the fruits of plum or apple trees. By late summer, they leave the trees in search for an overwintering site.

Oftentimes, this is where the box elder bugs become most destructive. They often move into homes through cracks or holes in windows and doors. They sometimes do bite and can puncture the skin, leaving marks like a mosquito bite. Infestations are most common after a warm spring and a long, hot, dry summer.

During their peak, they are a major food source for local birds. They prefer to lay eggs under the siding, around windows and under the roofline of the home. If they have made their way into your home, you may find reddish-orange stain from their fecal material on items like curtains, drapes and clothing.

Homes and business owners are most likely to spot these bugs on warm days, when they become most active.

Regularly upkeep help keeps these pests, as many others from making your house their home. The best steps are taken before late August. It is crucial to repair broken screens and windows, install seams under doors and check for any exterior cracks.

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