The Truth About Moles

As the weather warms, you can just picture your time outside. The BBQ rolling for your family and friends with everyone laughing and jumping into the pool and hanging out through warmer nights. When you think of that time with those you love, it’s probably safe to say you do not dream of having mounds of tunnels crisscrossing your yard.  Unfortunately, moles and voles can wreak havoc on your well planned and beautiful yard.

Moles can cause extensive damage quickly because they can tunnel up to 18 feet an hour. They rely on their sense of touch to survive and prefer moist, soft soil. They eat mostly earthworms, but also other insects found in the soil.

Unfortunately, if you have had mole problems in the past, you are more likely to continue to have them in the future. If your yard backs up to open fields or wooded areas, you are also more likely to attract moles or if your neighbor has a mole problem, it is not difficult for them to migrate over to your yard.

Our experts will begin with a yard inspection to determine the depth of the infestation and create a plan to best eradicate the problem for you. After the moles are under control, we can continue to monitor your yard for any signs of new mole activity.

At All Seasons, All Pests, we guarantee 100 percent satisfaction with our mole removal services or your money back, no questions asked. Our experts can come out today for a free inspection and estimate. Call today and get your yard under control!

How to Identify Mole Damage

Moles can cause major damage to even the most pristine lawns. There is nothing more frustrating for a homeowner who has spent hours upon hours maintaining their lawn to see it all undone by this troublesome pest. If you notice any of the following in your yard, contact ASAP – All Seasons, All Pests right away for a free yard inspection to discuss your mole removal options.
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Common Signs of Mole Problems

The mole is a burrowing animal that can cause many problems for homeowners. While they may look similar to a mouse, you will not have to worry about them invading your home. Instead, they will invade your outdoor space and cause many issues. The following are some of the more common signs of mole problems:
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Keeping Your Yard Looking Good with St. Louis Mole Removal

When moles find their way into a person’s yard, it can lead to serious problems. Unfortunately, there is no way to keep these pests out of your yard. You can, however, safely and humanely remove them with experienced St. Louis Mole Removal from ASAP – All Seasons, All Pests. Instead of letting these critters chew up your beautiful lawn, you can keep your yard looking great by incorporating a mole removal program.
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