Termite Control Options

Many termite control options are available.

No one wants to discover they have termites! Termites are not only pesky. They can cause extensive damage if left untreated or not caught soon enough. It is important to look at your termite control options.

Our experts can work on making your home termite free through a variety of termite control options. Our experts can help remove any condition conducive to termites, apply non-repellant termiticide treatments as well as wood treatments, monitor and bait termites and finally repair termite damage.

First of all, you need to fix any area that may be attractive to termites and termite activity. This means identifying areas like leaks from garden spouts, gaps in windows and doors along with any areas that have contact with the wood to the soil that may be conducive to termite populations.

Next, our experts can apply traditional termite treatments around the perimeter of the home. These termite control treatments are designed so termites take it back to their colonies and kill more termites there. Wood treatments may be helpful, but are most helpful as part of pre-construction treatments. In certain situations, they may be suitable in an existing home as well.

Finally, we can monitor for new termites with a termite monitoring system. A termite monitor system works like a home security system against termites. We can monitor termite activity and stop it before it becomes a problem in your home.

We offer a structural termite damage warranty, which includes damages of up to $100,000 as well as structural damage repair work. We can do a free inspection of your home and will give you a written inspection report, suggestions for prevention, a written cost estimate as well estimates to help keep the termites away.

If you think you may have a termite problem, the time to act is now. Call us today for a free, initial consultation.

Abnormally Warm Spring & Winter Will Bring Increased Pests

Graphic From: National Pest Management Association

The warmer temperatures across the region with sporadic extreme winter weather coupled with an abnormally warm spring may give tick and mosquito populations an early boost in the Midwest this year. Those along with early termite swarms, may create bigger-than-normal pest populations, according to the annual spring Bug Barometer report forecasted by the National Pest Management Association.

With the forecasted abnormally warm spring and the mild winter temperatures across most the United States, pest populations are expected to thriven the months ahead. The NPMA forecasts that dry spring and summer weather will bring increased ant activity around homes earlier than usual and the warmer weather will cause mosquito eggs to hatch sooner.

You can help protect your home by taking preventative actions now. As your local pest control company in St. Louis with more than 30 years of pest control experience, ASAP is committed to providing you with professional, effective pest control, termite control and wildlife removal services at affordable prices.

We offer free inspections, 10 percent off to new customers and $25 off for current customers who refer a friend.

Our experts can come to your home and inspect to identify any problem and potential problem areas. We will come up with a plan that fits both your needs and your budget.

In the meantime, you can take other steps to help protect your home. No one should have to spend the summer fighting unwanted visitors! Call today for your free consultation.

Reasons To Continue Pest Control In Winter

When you first think about pest control, some may think this is a problem that should be addressed in the spring or summer most. Just because it is colder does not mean you should let your guard down. Good pest control has to be active year round in various capacities for best protection.

It is important to remember that any pests living within your walls are not affected by the cold temperatures outside. Insects like termites, carpenter ants, cockroaches, earwigs, and many other insects can not only live but thrive inside your beautiful home.

It is crucial to protect against rodents. Rodents find their way into your home is all entry points are not sealed off. Undetected, they can compromise you and your family’s health.

If spider webs and egg cases are allowed to accumulate, the problems multiply when spiders try to re-infest the home. Removing any spider webs, egg cases and wasps nests helps prevent them from reemerging when warmer weather arrives. By not treating entry points like doors and windows, you may experience an emergence of new pests come spring.

Many pests like cluster flies, boxelder bugs and carpenter ants can hide out until warmer weather occurs. If not detected until the warmer weather arrives, the costs may be substantially more to treat.

Pest control in the winter is not a waste of money. Winter allows specialists to focus on the interior of properties and helps identify any new problems owners may be unaware of. Don’t think just because you may not see pests, they have disappeared. In the winter there is less light, heat and moisture, which all break down effective pesticides. That means a pest may be fully managed with less money and work.

If you are concerned you may have pests or you want to take steps to prevent future pests, call our office today for a free, initial consultation.

Keeping Your Home Safe with St. Louis Termite Control

When dealing with St. Louis Termite Control, an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. By keeping termites away from your home, you can potentially save thousands of dollars worth of treatment, not to mention unsightly damage to your home. By taking advantage of regular inspections with an experienced exterminator, you can be sure that your home is termite free.
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Treatments for Termite Infestations

Now that spring is approaching, it may be time to consider termite treatments for your home or yard. Even if you haven’t observed damage, being proactive in your treatment can prevent serious damage to decks, siding, and other areas where termites congregate. As the old saying says, “A stich in time saves nine.” By having your home treated before an infestation, you can prevent costly, unsightly damage to your home.
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Identifying and Repairing Termite Damage

Termites are some of the most destructive pests a homeowner can face. When they get into wood, they can completely compromise the integrity of it by hollowing it out. This can lead to expensive repairs. The best way to prevent these repairs is to quickly identify damage and quickly get rid of these termites. An experienced pest control company can identify and potentially repair damage from termites, potentially saving you thousands in home repairs.
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Identifying Termite Damage with a St. Louis Termite Inspector

If a person suspects termite damage in their home, the earlier they contact a St. Louis Termite Inspector, the better. This can prevent serious structural damage to the home and prevent the damage from spreading. Termites can affect not just wood but also plaster, drywall, and more. By quickly working with an exterminator who can identify and correct the problem, you can keep your home pest free and prevent costly repairs.
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Free Termite Inspection from St. Louis Termite Exterminator

When a person notices damage in their basement or to their deck, they may wonder if termites are to blame. Other common problems include water damage and structural issues, so the homeowner may not want to undergo a termite treatment if they aren’t sure that’s actually the problem. With a free inspection from a St. Louis Termite Exterminator, the problem with your home can be diagnosed and corrected. This way, you can keep your home looking beautiful while preventing further damage.
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Fighting a Termite Infestation with a St. Louis Termite Exterminator

One of the most frustrating problems a homeowner can face is a termite infestation. These bugs can cause major damage to decks, siding, structural members, or many other parts of the home. If you worry that you may have termites, contact a St. Louis Termite Exterminator immediately. This way, you can prevent further damage and get rid of the problem before it becomes too serious.

Signs of Termites from a St. Louis Termite Exterminator

Most termite damage is below the surface and is never seen. One of the first signs a person has is knocking on wood and having it sound hollow. Since termites live within wood, they eat from the inside out. Wood should have a firm, solid sound when tapped. If there is a hollow sound, contact a St. Louis Termite Exterminator right away.

Another sign that you may have a problem are swarms of winged termites which sometimes appear in the infested home. If you have winged insects in or around your home, try to trap one and preserve it in rubbing alcohol for an exterminator to examine. This is an almost sure sign of an infestation and by showing the insect to a qualified professional, they can find the right treatment to get the home free of these pests.

All Seasons, All Pests has experience treating homes for termite infestations and knows how to rid them from a home. With our EPA approved materials, we rid the home of insects while keeping it safe for your pets and for your family. If you have termites or other insect problems, contact the St. Louis Termite Exterminators at Pest Control ASAP for a free inspection.

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