Stop Voles Before The Problem Is Out Of Hand

You may not see them, but if you have voles nearby you may see the damage and destruction left by them. Voles are said to consume their own weight in plants every 24 hours and a vole population of merely 15 voles can explode into 250 voles within four years.

Voles can store as much as two gallons of plant materials for food in underground hollows near their nests as well as hollow stumps and similar places.

They flourish in grassy and weedy areas, which also includes spaces including places like your garden. They can build 1-2 inch pathways usually protected by overhanging vegetation as well as underground tunnels. Moles are often accused of damage caused by voles.

If you think you have a vole problem, it is crucial to trap them. Setting peanut butter baited mouse snap traps perpendicular to their pathway is the best way to start.

Keeping all vegetation away from the base of the trees and keeping grass no longer than 3 to 4 inches is also key to helping discourage moles.

If you have an extensive problem, you may have to go as far as to remove mulch from the gardens and around the base of the trees. You can till the soil, destroying any underground pathways remaining.

As a final step, you can repel them with things made of capsaicin and predator odors. This process must be repeated if it rains to keep them away.

Call today and our experts can come out and help you deal with your vole problem.

Don’t Let Wildlife Make Their Home With You

Although we may love the outdoors, sometimes wildlife gets a little too close to our home for comfort. Not only can nuisance wildlife cause problems to your home, they can also present potential health hazards as well.

If you have heard scratching or other loud noises in the middle of the night or you’ve seen evidence of squirrels, raccoons or birds, it may be time to talk with the experts.

We can conduct a free inspection of your property to identify affected areas and points of entry as well as breeding areas and nests. Our team can safely trap and remove any unwanted wildlife from your property.

We will not only remove them, but also clean up inhabited areas and repair any damage and exclude any entry points to help ensure the wildlife cannot return.

Did you know that raccoons can get into your attic, chimney, or even harass your dog or cat? If you happen to have a rabid raccoon or one with distemper, the health of your loved ones or pets may also be at risk.

Sometimes, the first sign you truly know you have an invader is when it dies. You may suddenly get a terrible odor in or outside the house or swarms of flies. This may mean you have a deceased pest and want to have it removed so it doesn’t cause more issues.

Make sure squirrels and mice do not make a home in your attic or that raccoons do not break into your trash, leaving you a mess every morning to clean up.

Help protect your family’s home and health! Call ASAP Pest Control today to have the experts come out to your home and evaluate the problem.

The Truth About Squirrels

Squirrels…. Sometimes cute & fluffy, but also a pest! Usually people call about squirrels when they have made a home in your attic, chimney or running loose in your home. They can chew up woodwork and steal things like bird seed.

Squirrels are most active in the mornings and evenings, eating mostly nuts and seeds. They live in both forests, suburban and city areas and establish home territories. They love to live in attics and many people first notice a problem with running around above them. Inside an attic, they can cause damage since they love to chew on everything. They can and will chew on wires, ducts, pipes inside the attic. When they do chew through wires, they present a possible fire hazard.

In addition, they can introduce disease into your living space.  They can transmit diseases from fleas and ticks as well as leave lots of droppings, which leaves you and your family open to things like salmonella.

Of course, the best thing to do is keep squirrels away from your house in the first place. First of all, don’t leaves things out that attract them in the first place. Bird feeders and fruit trees tend to attract squirrels. In order to keep them out of your house, you must find and seal all open holes leading inside.

If you are struggling with keeping squirrels out of your attic or chimney, give us a call. Our experts can remove all squirrels, inspect the damage and seal up where they have been getting in. Give us a call today to receive a free estimate.

How Often Should I Treat for Insects?

Every homeowner wants to know – how often should I treat for insects? Unfortunately, there is not a simple answer to that. It really depends on the type of bugs you are dealing with, where your home is located (woods, urban area, etc.), and what your budget might be. At ASAP – All Seasons, All Pests, during our free inspection, we can discuss your options and find the right solution for your home and for your pocketbook.
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Signs of Termite Damage

Termites are a caste driven species of insect that like to feed on dead plant materials such as leaf piles, animal dung, saturated soil, and unfortunately wood. We say “unfortunately” because wood is the most common form of structural support for homes and small commercial properties. If left unchecked, infestations can occur where colonies of termites move in and destroy valuable real estate.
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