Cooler fall temperatures motivate mice to move from open fields and woodlands into an environment offering food, water and shelter from weather. These include places like the garage, the basement, wall voids, the attic and even the kitchen. Machinery and vehicles parked in the garage aren’t safe either, as an engine compartment can often make for an ideal place to build a home. Many service calls in the automobile field are related to rodents gnawing on wires or hoses. St. Louis Mice Exterminators can help prevent this damage to your home.


Mice are very social; however they can be very aggressive towards non related male/females. Mice will explore anything new or any changes in travel routes. They will find nibbler materials to bring back to their nests. Feeding schedules start at dusk and can last until dawn, with mice often returning back and forth to the food source to store or hoard food.  Mice have incredible smell, hearing, touch, taste senses making them a very opportunistic creature that loves to explore its environment. A St. Louis Mouse Exterminator can help keep your home free of these unwanted pests.

Signs of infestations:

  • Droppings- 1/8 inch black to brown located in traffic areas, in cabinets, base boards etc.
  • Tracks- Areas in the insulation that clearly look like a race track
  • Rub Marks- Dark oil, or stain often are areas used constantly
  • Gnawing- Materials that have chewed marks
  • Nests- Dried materials such as paper, wrappers, grass, shredded materials
  • Hazards from mice:
  • Salmonella (food poisoning).  Generally, this bacterial disease is transmitted by rodent feces in food. Symptoms are diarrhea, headache, and fever.
  • Ringworm – A skin fungus that can be contracted from mice.  Also has been known to be passed to cats, then to humans.
  • Tapeworm – Can be transmitted to humans that consume food that has been contaminated with rodent feces.


  • A single female produces between 5-10 litters annually.
  • Each litter consists of 5-6 young that are able to reproduce at approximately 30 days of age.



Inspection needs to be performed in areas that are prone to mice infestations. Areas that are always high traffic zones are the top of the foundation, garages, under stoves, behind dishwashers and attics. Pest control companies need to place all bait stations or traps out of the reach of family pets or children. This way, the risk of illness or contamination is reduced.  Follow up visits are needed for control due mice storing food, which results in bait inside the stations emptying very quickly. Also exclusion methods are needed to prevent future infestations, with caulk or cooper mesh placed in cracks that are possibly entry points. Pressure from rodents usually will be constant due to the scent pattern already established in the property.

If you face mice, or any mice infestation, the experienced St. Louis Mice Exterminators at All Seasons, All Pests can help. To schedule your free inspection, contact us right away.