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If moles are wreaking havoc on your lawn, don’t worry – All Seasons, All Pests is just a call or click away! No matter how big or how small your mole problem, All Seasons, All Pests has the most effective and affordable mole removal solution for you. We’ll work hard to eliminate your mole problem and ensure they don’t return.

Mole Biology

Moles are small mammals with round bodies, long, narrow snouts, tiny eyes and no ears (that we can see). Moles rely on their sense of touch to survive. Moles prefer soft, most soil and feed primarily on earthworms, but will also eat other insects in the soil. As moles tunnel underground they uproot the soil as well as shrubs, plants and grass and expose tree roots. Moles can travel as quickly as 18 feet per hour, giving them the ability to cause extensive damage very quickly.

Mole Control Service from All Seasons, All Pests

Short of a force field, there’s no treatment that can keep new moles from entering your yard, but we’ll keep a close eye on things to ensure it doesn’t happen. If after your initial mole problem is alleviated you ever see signs of new mole activity, just give us a call and we’ll come out ASAP to evaluate and treat the situation however necessary to ensure moles don’t take over your yard again.
We’ll start by inspecting your yard and assessing the intensity of the infestation. Then we’ll design a treatment plan to cater to your specific needs and work over the course of several weeks to gain control of and eventually eliminate the moles from your property. After that, we will continue to monitor your yard on an ongoing basis to ensure that no new mole activity arises, however it’s important to know that it’s not unusual to see new moles pop up if you’ve had them before.

If you’ve had mole problems in the past, that means that moles like your yard. The more flourishing your lawn and the more abundant your landscaping, the more inviting your yard is to moles. If your home backs to water or wooded areas/open fields, you are naturally more prone to mole infestations as moles and voles inhabit areas abundant in moist soil. Also, if your neighbor has moles, chances are they’ll eventually cross the fence line and come check out your digs too. That’s why at All Seasons, All Pests your mole control service continues well beyond the demise of your initial mole problem for as long as you designate. We want you to be happy with the results of your service – period.

100% Satisfaction Guaranteed Mole Control

As with all ASAP pest control services, your mole control service is 100% satisfaction guaranteed if you’re not happy with the results of our service, you’ll get your money back – no questions asked.

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