Professional, Affordable St. Louis Wildlife Solutions & Animal Removal Services

Things getting a little “wild” around your house?
Heard scratching and squealing in the middle of the night but don’t know where it’s coming from or what’s making those sounds?

We provide safe and sound removal and exclusion of wild animals like squirrels, raccoons, opossums and more!   Damage from nuisance wildlife can pose big problems to your home, aside from the potential health hazards involved.

Rid your home of uninvited house guests for good.

When wildlife such as squirrels, raccoons or birds make their homes in our homes, usually they’re only trying to survive and protect their young.  But let’s face it – no one likes waking up to scurrying in the attic every night when these cute and cuddly critters come out to play.  Our technicians are specially trained and our wildlife solutions are designed to rid you of your wildlife problems once and for all–guaranteed.

Wildlife Inspection: We will conduct a FREE inspection of your property to identify affected areas and points of entry, as well as breeding areas and nests.

Wildlife Removal: We will safely trap and remove any unwelcome wildlife in your home/on your property.

Wildlife Damage Repair & Exclusion: We will clean up inhabited areas and repair any damage/exclude any entry points to these areas to ensure that animals can’t get back in.

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