Affordable St. Louis Termite Treatments

Types of Termite Treatments

To keep your home or business free of termites, we utilize a variety of the most advanced, environmentally sound and proven effective termite control methods, including:

  • Removal of conditions conducive to termites
  • Non-repellant termiticide treatments
  • Wood termite treatments
  • Termite monitoring/baiting
  • Termite baits
  • Termite damage repair (limited, ask your termite inspector for details)

Conditions Conducive to Termites

First and foremost, when dealing with any termite infestation, it is important to identify and fix/eliminate any areas in and around your home that are conducive to termite activity. Leaky garden spouts, gaps around windows and doors, wood to soil contact and overgrown ivy and thatch covering your home’s structure are examples of conducive conditions that attract termite activity. Your ASAP termite inspector will observe and make suggestions for the correction of any conducive areas found during your termite inspection.

Perimeter Barrier/Soil Termite Treatment

Traditional liquid termite treatments are applied within the soil around the perimeter of your home, to form a protective barrier against termites that is designed to protect your home from termites using a non-repellant termiticide product.

Our non-repellant termiticide treatments are applied similarly to a traditional termite treatments around the perimeter of a home, but instead of creating a barrier where termites catch a whiff and keel over, the termites forage through the termiticide barrier and then carry it back to their colony and distribute to the rest of the colony as they are feeding, grooming and interacting with each other.

Wood Termite Treatment

Wood termite treatments involve direct access to wooden members of a home’s structure (wall studs, sill plates, etc.) that have the potential to be attacked by termites. Wood termite treatments are usually considered more suitable as a pre-construction treatment but are sometimes used as a supplement to other termite treatment methods where termite damage repairs unveil termite damage that would otherwise go unseen.

Termite Monitoring

Termite monitoring works like a security system for your home against termites, and can detect an existing termite colony before it gets to your home. By placing secure termite monitoring stations around the outside of your home, we can monitor for signs of a termite colony before termites can become a problem for you.